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BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® motorcycle awareness lawn signs, large magnetic car signs, magnetic bumper stickers, vinyl bumper stickers, T shirts, smart phone cases and other items (seen below the videos) are available free to motorcyclists at various Long Island, NY motorcycle runs and will be available from this site soon.

Motorcycle lawyers Phil Franckel & Rob Plevy decided to do something to help raise awareness of motorcycles on the road and provide these items to the motorcycle community for free.  The BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® brand was started by NY attorney Phil Franckel after realizing that all of our clients were struck by cars that never saw the motorcycle.  If you want to use BE AWARE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE® without charge for your safety campaign, please contact Phil Franckel

See the best collection of motorcycle awareness driver education videos

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Get your Bikers Against Drunk Drivers patch

Billboard at several LI Costco stores every year during motorcycle awareness month.

Get our bumper stickers and car signs free at various LI motorcycle runs


Get the smart phone case free for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 to go with your ringtone – at various LI motorcycle runs

Get the free T shirts at various LI motorcycle runs

Look for us at at various LI motorcycle runs


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  1. my 22 year old son was killed because a driver in his truck didn’t look twice before pulling out of his driveway.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Drivers really need to pay attention to the fact that although this is something I do every day without a problem, one day, there will be a problem and full attention is needed every time.

    Pulling out of the back of a driveway is one of the most dangerous activities you can do in your car because you’re facing forward and there could be a child, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist who could be hit. We have had several cases representing motorcyclists who but their motorcycle down to avoid a car backing out or were hit by a car backing out. It is usually 100% the fault of the car backing out.

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